съботна поезия с Кърмит

на това видео можеш да видиш Барда

А тук да прочетеш стиховете, които написа за мен:

It’s not that easy being Lyd
You can always ask Kermit.
All day writing in that blog
Repeating to the crowd like a frog.
She would never listen to advice,
Even at the best price.
She always thinks she’s in the right position,
So don’t ever try to make a proposition.
It would evolve into a fight
In the end, of course, she would be right.
As I said, don’t give her any advice,
She’ll try to show you she is wise.
Lyd wouldn’t agree on a negotiation,
After all she has constipation.
She would even preach to Dalai Lama,
Cause she behaves like mamma.
She claims she’s a Buddhist nun,
But without her blue cheese she’s done.
She’s not easy to appease:
“Only expensive tomatoes for me, please.
I don’t care about Dalai Lama’s indigestion.
I’m a dame beyond question.”
As you have already guessed,
She is like a princess in a comfortable nest.


Можеш да почерпиш мъдрост направо от извора:

Българският блог.

Английският блог.

Не мога да се сдържа и поствам още едно видео:


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