съботна поезия с Кърмит



You might think she’s great,

but just wait

until Kermit, the frog

reveals the truth about her blog.

She’s simply obsessed, I’d say,

otherwise she wouldn’t spend there the whole day.

While she’s blogging just look at the maniacal look in her eyes,

and you’ll see that my words are no lies.

She gets paid for doing nothing at all,

because she now lives in the blogroll.

For her blog she’d ignore anything that needs to be done,

imagine what it’s like to be her son.

Now, her writing is what I’d like to discuss,

even though it doesn’t deserve such a fuss.

It would be better if she wasn’t so preachy,

we all know that life is not peachy.

But she thinks she should repeat it just in case,

and watch the frown on your face.

Sometimes she might be optimistic,

but don’t believe she’s so altruistic.

“I do it for the people”, she’d claim

but, in fact, all she wants is fame.

She thinks blogging is a universal solution,

perhaps, even to the global pollution.

“You’ve got a headache?

Blog is what you should make.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if she says that blogging

is healthier even than jogging.

She claims to be so pragmatic,

but that’s how she excuses her being phlegmatic.

Her readers may be many,

but about the things she writes they don’t give a penny.

Truth is they go there only to scoff,

secretly hoping to make her computer turn off.

But, of course, they’re not to blame,

nobody wants to torture his brain

Because when you read her stuff that’s all you do,

you’re a hero if you manage to go through.

So you’d better never approach,

she’s more stubborn than a cockroach.


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