Съботна поезия с Кърмит


Seems like Miss Piggy, our Buddhist nun

decided that being fat is no longer fun.

She wants to be like a French mademoiselle instead,

but that’s something she’ll never get.

As you can probably infer,

I’ll once more poke fun at her.

Piggy dreams of being a Fashion TV star,

but what has she done so far?

That’s just an impossible task;

the reasons why I’ll soon unmask.

She said she’d start a diet that’s very strict,

but what happened is very easy to predict.

All that was just a fraud;

I saw her eating a sandwich; she was caught.

Sorry, but I could no longer keep quiet –

pizza and chips  is not what I call a diet.

I can imagine her waking up at midnight for a snack and beer;

that’s not what a French lady would do, dear.

Now you see that what she told you was a myth

that I could no longer put up with.

All her “serious intentions”

turned out to be nothing but pretensions.

What else can I say but “Sorry!”

 You were not made for a French model’s glory.



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